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Re: Tarriel Hopper vs. City of Los Angeles/LAPD
WCAB Case No: ADJ6620180
Employee No
: 33786


Pursuant to CPRA, Government Code 6253 we are requesting the production and release of the documents identified in the attached 'Confidential Records Authorization and Waiver.We will pay the cost of copying the documents requested.


I, Tarriel Hopper, Serial Number 33786, respectfully request and authorize the
of Records of the Los Angeles Police Department to produce and disclose for inspection and review any and all information which may be contained in my employment records with the Los Angeles Police Department to my attorney, Law Offices of Marvin LMathis, specially:


1. A complete copy of the EMPLOYER'S REPORT OF OCCUPATIONAL INJURY OR ILLINESS FORM(S) regarding applicant's claim of work related injury during the period of February 1, 2008 through and including June 30, 2009;

. A complete copy of all injury on duty documents where applicant was claiming an injury on duty during the period of February 1, 2008 through and including
June 30 2009;

3. A complete copy of applicant's payroll and benefits records for the period of
1, 2007 through and including June 30, 2012;

4. A complete copy of applicant's test scores, evaluations, band position, of all Los Angeles Police Department examinations taken by applicant during the period of February 1, 2001 through and including June 30, 2009 to become a Lieutenant;

5. A complete copy of all increases in base pay and benefits for police officers of the identical rank applicant held as of February 1, 2008, for the period of February 12008 through the present time;

6. A complete copy of all increases in base pay and benefits for police officers as Lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department during the period of February 12008 through and including the present time.







May 6, 2020 via mail


Police Department (LAPD)





Point of Contact

LAPD Analyst Sam (N2668)

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May 26, 2020, 6:39am
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Dear Requester: 


We reviewed your request for copies of the Los Angeles Police Department’s personnel records of Officer Tarriel Hopper.


 For items 1-4:


Personnel files of a peace officer are exempt from disclosure pursuant to Sections 6254(c) and (k) of the Act.  Section 6254(c) exempts from disclosure “personnel, medical or similar files, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”  Section 6254(k), exempts records which are exempt from disclosure under federal or state law, including, but not limited to provisions of the Penal Code.  Penal Code Section 832.7 states that peace officer personnel records and information contained within them are privileged and confidential and cannot be disclosed except through discovery pursuant to Sections 1043 and 1045 of the Evidence Code.  [See Penal Code Sections 832.5 and 832.7 and Evidence Code Sections 1043 and 1045]. California case law holds that Evidence Code Section 1043 et seq. is the exclusive means to obtain peace officer personnel records, and as such, they are exempt from the disclosure provisions of the Act.  [See City of Hemet v. Superior Court (1995) 37 Cal. App. 4th 1411]. In addition, please note that the Department is not the custodian of records for benefits information (see attached benefits info sheet). Therefore, we are denying that portion of your request.


For Items 5 & 6:


I have uploaded the MOUs that pertain to 2008 to the present that have detailed information on all police officers’ salaries and benefits. 



If you have any questions regarding this correspondence, please respond to this email. 





LAPD Discovery Section, CPRA Unit

May 26, 2020, 6:38am
Document(s) Released Public
May 26, 2020, 6:36am
Document(s) Released Public
MOU 24 2006 - 2009.pdf
MOU 24 2014 - 2019.pdf
MOU 24 2019-2022.pdf
MOU24 2009 - 2011.pdf
MOU24 2011 - 2014.pdf
MOU24 2014 - 2018.pdf
May 26, 2020, 6:36am
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06/01/2020 (was 05/18/2020). Sent extension letter need more time to acquire documents
May 19, 2020, 4:19pm
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May 8, 2020, 10:50am
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