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Dear Custodian of Records,


            Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Govt. Code §§ 6250 et seq.) and Cal. Health & Safety Code § 123110 (access to health records), I write on behalf of Shibani Balsaver, to request all Los Angeles Police Department records regarding Ms. Balsaver (DOB [REDACTED]). I am enclosing a general release, as well as a HIPAA authorization executed by Ms. Balsaver.


            Please send my office any and all documents relating to Shibani Balsaver, including but not limited to the traffic stop on February 8, 2020.


            I request that all records be provided to my office in electronic at [REDACTED]and [REDACTED] or hard copy form within 10 days, or by May 14, 2020, pursuant to your obligations under California law. Please contact me, or my assistant Jessica [REDACTED], if this request cannot be fulfilled by May 14, 2020. Please also notify me of any fees and copying charges for these documents.  If you have any further concerns with producing the records, please contact me as soon as possible at [REDACTED].  If I am not available, please ask for my assistant, Jessica [REDACTED].








May 4, 2020 via web


Police Department (LAPD)





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LAPD Analyst Tuan N6658

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May 14, 2020, 12:17pm
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Dear Requester:


We reviewed your request for:



            Please send my office any and all documents relating to Shibani Balsaver, including but not limited to the traffic stop on February 8, 2020.

" (sic)


Your request was made under the California Public Records Act (the Act). The Department is cognizant of its responsibilities under the Act. It recognizes the statutory scheme was enacted to maximize citizen access to the workings of government. The Act does not mandate disclosure of all documents within the government’s possession. Rather, by specific exemption and reference to other statutes, the Act recognizes that there are boundaries where the public’s right to access must be balanced against such weighty considerations as the right of privacy, a right of constitutional dimension under California Constitution, Article 1, Section 1. The law also exempts from disclosure records that are privileged or confidential or otherwise exempt under either express provisions of the Act or pursuant to applicable federal or state law, per California Government Code Sections 6254(b); 6254(c); 6254(f); 6254(k); and 6255.


In accordance with Section 6254(f) of the California Government Code, records of investigations conducted by, or investigatory files compiled by, any local police agency for law enforcement purposes, are exempt from disclosure. Should any records be located, 9-1-1 telephone calls, recordings, transcripts, witness statements and logs are either investigatory records themselves or properly part of an investigative file and therefore exempt from disclosure. The records may be produced in response to a subpoena or court order.


You may personally serve your subpoena at the following location during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4 pm excluding holidays):


LAPD Discovery Section

200 N. Spring St., Ste. 1900

Los Angeles, CA  90012

(213) 847-3615


Should any records be located, to the extent the information is recorded, a summary including the time, date, and location of occurrence, the time and date of the call, the name and age of the victim, and a brief statement of the circumstances can be made available to you upon request.  Please be advised that a responsive incident has been located in regards to the provided incident number.



If you have any questions, please respond to this email.




LAPD Discovery Section, CPRA Unit

May 14, 2020, 12:17pm
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Good afternoon,

  Please note this request may be in reference to incident number 20020800 2353.

May 6, 2020, 2:25pm by the requester
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Police Department (LAPD)
May 4, 2020, 4:27pm
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May 4, 2020, 4:27pm