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We would like to know who the owner is of the business establishment called ''Ajja Market'' located at’’925 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029 ”in relation to a suit we would file under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ownership information may be found in the business license, certificate of occupancy, or any other relevant filings with the City of Los angeles”


February 12, 2020 via web


City Clerk





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As of this date, our office has determined that the Office of the City Clerk is not in possession of any documents or information relating to your request.  Please be advised that this response does not include any records that may be in the custody of other City departments.  Each department in the City of Los Angeles maintains and is responsible for their own records. This request with the Office of the City Clerk is considered closed.

For all other city department’s records please go to their respective webpage and contact them directly or please contact 311 Call Center at 213-473-3231.


Please contact the following departments for the records you are seeking:

Office of Finance at (844) 663-4411 or visit their website at 

Building and Safety at

February 12, 2020, 7:29am
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February 12, 2020, 7:29am
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February 12, 2020, 5:42am
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February 12, 2020, 5:42am