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from G. Juan Johnson to City Clerk, Los Angeles, California. Today's date is November 25, 2019. Attached is city code violation complaint I submitted Nov. 24 2019 and your city number 747009. Property address is 1522 Hi Point St 9. Los Angeles 90035. The code violation complaint is over 2449 words.


LAMC SEC. 161.603. COMPLAINT INSPECTIONS. General. Subject to Section 161.601, the General Manager may inspect those portions of residential rental properties, buildings, units or structures falling within the scope of this Article about which a complaint has been lodged. SEC. 161.604. NOTICE OF INSPECTION. A. Inspection Notice. An inspection notice shall contain the following information: 1. Name, address, and telephone number of the Department. 7 2. The purpose of the inspection. 3. The date and approximate time of the inspection. Notice of the right to refuse consent for inspection in absence of an inspection warrant and right to seek pre-compliance judicial review of the inspection notice without threat of imposition of any fine or penalty. 4. B. Post-Inspection Notice. If a periodic or complaint inspection is conducted, the General Manager shall provide written notice to the property owner/landlord and/or occupant of each residential rental property, building, unit, structure, or common area inspected, stating an inspection occurred and providing the address and telephone number where further information may be obtained. The post inspection notice shall be served in accordance with Section 161.409 of this Article." City employees have the authority to inspect any residential property even if no citizen complaint has been filed, i.e the tenant does not have to be present for the inspection.

The city clerk is requested to release any and all documents/writings in the Clerk's possession that would describe any city employee who does not understand the duty of LAMC sections 161.603, 161.604, 161.409. “Document” and “writing” mean a writing, as defined in Section 250 of the Evidence Code.




Property Management Group ("PPMG") can be reached at 310-593-3955; PPMG is responsible for the denial of housing services at this address. PPMG employees are Brent Parsons, Thomas Khammar, Jackie Gallardo, Jeanette Conway, Alva Corodo, Fidel Medina, Joel Murrillo, Javier Guevarra, Liliano Morales, Edi Hernandez, Justice Walker. Tenants in the building 1522 Hi Point St 90035 include: Helen Lockwood, Mario Godiva, Mary Mondrus, Bryan Bellio, Victoria Maneesh, Lee Kaplan, Ariela Nazar, Sheree Porreca, Paul Connelly, Vivian Dupree, Gustavo Baity, Melanie Lentz, Heidi Cravens, Tyler Ruggieri, Robert Romo, Antonio Santiago, Andy Korks, Drew Smith, Lee Kaplan, Robert Montoya, Alejandro Mendoza, Patricia Gomez, Brooke Altamirano.  Kasandra Harris I am told is the resident manager who resides in unit 12. Her contact information is or phone number 213-908-8008. Harris has neglected to respond to any of my complaints.

RSO complaint dated November 25, 2019, city number CE 248 538.

"I request that Raymond Chan, Rushmore Cervantes, and Ana Ortega be terminated from employment." Code violation complaint 747009.


"On November 18, 2019, PPMG employers entered the unit by means of false and deceptive business practice and admitted on Police authorized video that tenants unit 9 did not need an additional CO2 alarm, as they installed it. They fraudulently refused to repair the unusable intercom and refused to restore the tandem parking stall. PPMG employees should face criminal arrest. The employees therefore admitted the criminal fraud that the owner is engaged in required criminal penalties be accessed for abuse and harassments of tenants unit 9."

Notes: The intercom system in this 18 unit building if for purposes of health and safety. Tenants who are white have the privilege of the working intercom. Black tenants are entitled to equal privilege as to those housing services held by white tenants. Fifteen intercoms are working, three units are not. By 2015 numerous complaints had been filed with the city about the lack of maintenance to the intercom system. Of the fifteen units with intercoms, ten were occupied with non-working intercoms by 2015. The owner refused to repair any intercoms while the ten units were occupied by mostly Blacks.  While the owner refused to respond to complaints about the intercom system, he replaced the intercoms of ten units in which tenants who were white moved in. Because of the renovations in the building (the building sits on a methane gas table), in about 15 units over a four year period, code enforcement employees were in the buildings about at least three times per unit or 3 x 15 = 45 times. I myself in filing complaints would meet with at least five inspectors who entered the property and were made aware of the non-working intercom. The non-working intercom would be the subject of over 100 code enforcement complaints to the city. This speaks to the city Los Angeles government pattern of housing discrimination and corruption. Around 2015 the owner served a THP on tenants in unit 9. He promised to renovate the unit at a cost of $18,000; as evidenced by the other 15 units renovated, such repairs would include the replacement of the intercom system in unit 9. The THP document and its subsequent appeal is a city authorized document; in the appeal process the word "intercom" was mentioned over 40 times. Jump thru hoops. Still the intercom in unit 9 has not been repaired by the city or the owner. How many complaints does a Black tenant in Los Angeles have to make before he can get recognized? How many hundreds of complaints have to be made before a Black tenant can get housing services? If city director Ana Ortega maintains the intercom and tandem parking have been restored to Blacks, then let her publicly announce the date, time, by whom, and how tenants were notified.

One of the purposes of the intercom is to allow tenants to screen visitors who wish to enter the building. One financial value of the intercom is assisting the delivery of mail like UPS and Amazon. There is a famous mail order sweepstakes place that would use the intercom to gain access to tenants who might win prices valued at over $10 million dollars. Of course if an intercom is not working, or if “not working” signs are not posted, that could be a pretty big loss to a tenant.





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