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Hello City of Los Angeles Office of Finance, 
Is a residential hotel (subject to rent stabilization ordinance) where tenants live on an ongoing basis (more than 30 days, month after month, year after year) required to either pay a Transient Occupancy Tax/bed tax or complete a “transient occupancy tax over thirty day stay exemption application form?” 
If yes, what happens if the business/property owners failed to do so? Are the business/property owners penalized with a fee? If a back tax is owed must tenants pay of the business/property owner pay it? What happens if the business/property owners rented out some of the rooms and didn’t give a proper receipt? I am not saying it certainly happened but I suspect it may have.
What happens if the business/property owners just aren’t giving receipts to long term tenants? I am not saying it certainly happened but I suspect it may have. 
Are there any rules governing when they must provide the hotel guest a receipt by – even if it’s a long term guest? 
Is an onsite manager allowed to operate a photography/filming business outside of the management home office of the property? If yes, are there any taxing requirements or is the onsite manager required to obtain a business license? I am not saying it certainly happened but I suspect it may have. 
Are tenants of a residential hotel afforded the same rights under the city of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization ordinance and also traditional tenants’ rights? 
Lastly, are tax records subject to public records request? If yes, how do I submit such a request for the place I live at? 
Thank you. 
Daniel Bromberg


September 10, 2019 via web


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September 11, 2019, 4:16pm
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As of this date, our office has determined that the Office of the City Clerk is in possession of some documents or information relating to your request. Please be advised that this response does not include any records that may be in the custody of other City departments. Each department in the City of Los Angeles maintains and is responsible for their own records. This request with the Office of the City Clerk is considered closed.



Provided is a link to the City's Rent Stabilization Ordinance, Click HERE.


Please contact the department(s) below that may have the records you are seeking.


Phone: (213) 744-9749


1200 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 
Customer Service Hotline: (866) 557-RENT TDD: (213) 473-3231 


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